A Renewable Energy Network

Our renewable energy network provides homes and businesses access to Solar and Battery as part of an energy plan.

Free upgrade to Solar and Battery

Fully maintained and Optimised

Decentralised Energy Network

The Sola.Energy Network is enabling households and businesses to upgrade their homes to solar and battery at no cost.

Traditionally, to access solar energy you would be required to pay a large cost for the equipment, installation, maintenance and repairs. Not to mention all of the time and effort researching for the right product.

Energy That’s Affordable

A more affordable source of energy

Reduce your electricity bill by 30%

Reduce C02 emissions by 10.2 tonnes per year

By joining the Sola.Energy Network, you are able to unlock the most affordable energy rates available on the market.

Our team provides you with the a suitable solar panel, provides installation and ensures you are saving money on your energy bills

Simplifying Renewable Energy

Making Renewable Energy Available for Everyone

$0 Start Up Costs

No Financing, No Interest, No Purchase

Available for Renters, Landlord & Homeowners

The Sola.Energy Network removes the financial barriers associated with transitioning to renewable energy. If your roof has access to the sun during the day you may be eligible (upon application) to join the Sola.Energy Network.
For the first time creating an affordable and sustainable energy future is possible.

Shared Energy for the Community

Build Your Energy Network

Refer Your Friends & Save Money

Help Build a Sustainable Future

Exclusive Access to Local Events

All Sola.Energy members are able to join the community and help build tomorrow's energy infrastructure. Homes and businesses can offset their energy costs, by referring friends and family to the network. Together we can build a sustainable and cleaner energy future.

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