How do I Join

$0.00 joining cost.

Exit & cancelation fee’s

Exit fee’s vary on the size of your system and your installation complexity from your roof space. All exit fee’s will be clearly outlined during your expression of interest stage before moving forward to your application submission.

How much is the Sola.Energy Plan? How does it compare to Traditional plans?

Only pay for the energy you need from the system provided at a 25-40% cheaper rate than traditional grid electricity.

What is the Payment default charge?

A late or defaulted payment charge can be discussed with the energy retailer you’re paired with as this is separate to Sola.Energy’s operations.

Will I pay the energy retailer or

You will pay the energy retailer that Sola.Energy have organised your chosen plan with. Almost identical to how you pay your energy bill today.

How Frequently do I pay?

A monthly plan is the most common. However, you can discuss your frequency preferences with the energy retailer to see if they can accommodate more closely with what works best for you.

Are there any maintenance costs?

No maintenance costs of any kind for the entire duration you’re with us. We are specialists of solar here to support you so we will take care of all ongoing maintenance costs for you.

Do I need to leave my current energy provider?

Yes. You will need to switch your energy provider. However this shouldn’t be too much hassle given you’ll be moving to cheaper cleaner rates at

How long is the contract for?

Given that the plan provides much cheaper rates than the alternative grid electricity rates, we’ve tried to make it accessible for as long as possible so that you can ensure the lowest rates and maximum potential savings for a period 10 years.

Do I need to own the home?

No you do not need to own a home. Both renters and business tenants can apply. Good luck from the team!

The Solar System

a) The chosen solar systems are carefully selected, paid for, fully managed, monitored and optimised by our entire team of elite industry experts and technicians so you don’t have to worry about a thing. All maintenance throughout your contact is also provided by us so it’s in our best interest to only provide top of the range solar systems.
b) We can confidently stand by our systems as we have collected years of live tracked data and efficiency reports as all our systems come with tracking data, so we already know they are excellent performers. Want to know more about the panel specifications? Please see the FAQ column directly below titled “what types of panels are they”. We’ll see you there.


Our batteries are called "supercapacitor batteries" so they are a lot more technologically advanced than standard solar storage devices. Super capacitors are able to fully charge in a few minutes rather than the alternative residential storage batteries. In addition, If there is a power outage you can continue using the power with these batteries.

Optimisation - Solar Analytics

We install a unique Solar Analytics device on all our systems which communicates with all inverters through our Solar Smart Monitor, easily installed in your meter board by our licensed electrician. This is the ultimate optimisation tool including a 5 Second Live data report from 3G/4G multi band communications providing Class 1 equivalent accuracy and optimisation.

Sola.Care Support Package

Sola.Care is a unique service from, to ensure you achieve your savings targets. We monitor and measure your solar production, energy consumption, system performance, faults and cost savings to make sure you are getting the most out of your system.

What Solar System do I need?

We are specialists of solar we know that there is not one size fits all. Solar systems should be tailored to you. So, our team of technicians will evaluate every angle of your energy consumption and your home to determine exactly what system size you need and provide full forecast reports on your savings for it before going ahead.

What Solar system quality level do you provide?

We are solar specialists, so we know which the top performing inverters and most efficient monocrystalline panels are to use. We only use top quality that we have tested and collected years of performance data from so that we can back up each and every one of our advanced systems.

What Inverter

With 24+ years of global industry exposure across 150 different countries and leading efficiency outputs, the Sungrow inverter brand are a dominant player to stand behind for our supplied systems.

How do they compare with other industry leaders?

The Panels:

The Longi Panels are ‘Monocrystalline’ which is the most efficient form of panel type currently on the market. Monocrystalline cells produce more power per square foot and these longi panels have a high wattage of 370 watts rather than the industry standard of 330 watts. These particular Longi panels include ‘half-cut’ technology so they are a top performer that is matched to the global leader ‘LG’ with an efficiency difference of a miniscule 0.1% between the two.

The Inverter:

Top Comparative Inverter: Fronius - Efficiency rating of Fronius Primo Range from 3kW - 8.2kW is 98.0%. Ours: Sungrow - Hold an efficiency rating of 98.4%

What happens if my system breaks?

It's entirely our responsibility to fix and pay for, not yours. For all our solar energy, every system we install comes with a 'Lifetime' product warranty. Our agreement covers the value of the system or replacement costs, and our commercial liability insurance up to the coverage of $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 annual aggregate so that you don't have to worry about a thing. Leave the work and maintenance to the specialists... That's the way we believe it should be!

How is my system optimised?

Incorporated into your plan is an elite performance analytics & tracking device which is linked to your entire system so that we can make sure everything is performing as it should be. This performance data is tracked 'live' and reported to our cloud database every 5 minutes and it alerts us if anything is ever wrong. We also give you full access to this data as well via your mobile or desktop.

Can I track the performance of my system?

We believe that you should be able to monitor your Solar’s production, export and efficiency Live and 24/7 so we pair your system with an elite performance analytics & tracking device that provides this data every 5 minutes and we give you full access to this data as well via your mobile or desktop.

When is it available in my area?

The chosen suburb area’s are still to be confirmed. will release the 2021 event schedule on May 15th. Stay in the loop to see if your local area is being hit next.

How do I register my interest to apply or learn more?

Express your interest by completing the application form here.


What are the environmental benefits of solar energy? From providing $800k worth of solar to each chosen area then collectively we will offset 770 Metric Tonnes of Carbon emissions Annually per area. In 2021 alone, we are selecting 6 areas. Which is a total of 4,620 Tonnes of Carbon emissions offset every year in NSW.

How much will i save?

As every system size is different and every home consumption is unique, we provide a fully custom savings forecast for you so you will know exactly how much your savings first. Average Annual savings is around $800 every year at no cost for the hardware or installation.

How do I refer someone?

Simply send them your referral code which you’ll have provided as soon as you speak with an operator.

What’s in it for me - Referral incentive/Bonus

For every individual you refer, you will received $150 cash back sent to an an account of your choice.